Monsters Unite


Written by Sara with her daughter Molly, for whom the story was originally told, this book follows Nessie’s adventure when she discovers a mysterious network of tunnels and sets off on a dangerous mission to clean up the mess that humans have left behind and make some new monster friends.

Age Up to 6


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Written by Sara for her niece, I’m Me is the story of their relationship! Imogen is determined she’s not a princess, a pirate or a witch! I’M ME! Grown ups. Lovely Aunt Sara can pretend all she wants but Imogen doesn’t want to. Not today. She wants to go to the park with her aunt and play with a ball, swing higher than a tree and eat ice-cream. And why not? This book is perfect for children who know their own minds -and grown-ups who think they don’t.

Age 2-5


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I'm Me