truth or dare

Truth Or Dare

“I think that everyone has something that they will kill for…”

When bank employee Lorna McLeish is sent to Cardiff for three months, Libby and Becka think nothing of squatting in her empty London flat. However, they soon uncover a dark secret: Lorna never arrived at her destination. Intrigued, the girls try to figure out what has happened and it’s not long before they have to make their own rules and break the rest as they lie, cheat and panic through London, Glasgow, Belfast and Dublin in search of the truth. But before they can rescue Lorna, Libby must come to terms with her past – the reason she left Belfast in the first place.


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Pleasure Express

“Sometimes you don’t even have to have sex at all, and for that kind of sicko, you charge double.”

How far would you go for money?

You can’t get further from a small Scottish town than working as one of Hong Kong’s most expensive calls girls. In this seductive new life Kate has everything at her fingertips: designer clothes, money rolling in, and lots of racy fun, and all by the age of twenty. But when Kate and her partying friend Rosie get caught in dark and threatening undercurrents out of their control, will their glamorous life with the elite consume them?


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pleasure express
ma polinskis pockets

Ma Polinki’s Pockets

“Edinburgh is a great big black bastard of a city where there are ghosts of all kinds.”

What are the secrets in Ma Polinski’s Pockets? To find out, Rachel must leave her comfortable life and take her best friend Nina on a journey through dark family history.

Rachel White is shocked when she inherits £8 million pounds from a stranger. To unravel the mystery of this sudden legacy, she enlists her best friend, Nina. As the girls set out on a quest to unearth the truth, Rachel’s comfortable life in Edinburgh is turned upside down when she makes a dark discovery about her mother’s experiences during WWII.

Will Rachel’s quest to find the truth set her family free?


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The Blessed And The Damned

“He was standing there smiling up at me. That was when I knew it was all his fault…”

Josie and her family have always been treated as outsiders. Now, after the worst year of her life, she’s lost everyone who has ever been close to her. All she has left is her land. It is time for her to fight back.
A powerful tale of loss and revenge.


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the blessed and the damned
love squad

Love Squad

“You can get used to anything, you know. The flashbulbs going off when you leave the restaurant. The cars waiting outside the door. Probing questions from complete strangers. It’s like being in a state of constant amnesia because people know you but you don’t know them.”

What will football WAGS think of a girl who is used to foraging for her food?

Born and raised on the remote community of Green Hill Island, May Anderson doesn’t know what to expect when she leaves her old-fashioned life behind to study medicine in the bustling metropolis of Manchester. She takes the shock of city life head on, determined to succeed in her studies and become a doctor. But a romantic encounter with a professional footballer complicates things, and now May must choose where her life will go. Will she fall in love? Or will she fall victim to the nightmare pressure her new lover’s fame brings with it – where her every move makes the headlines?


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Sara on Contemporary Fiction

When I started out as a writer, I wrote about the world around me. I was interested in many of the same themes I use now, as an historical writer, but from a slightly different perspective – the British Empire in the Pleasure Express as Britain handed back Hong Kong, for example. Or a look at how someone’s history might impinge on a character from today in Ma Polanski’s Pockets when Rachel White is left a huge legacy and sets off to find out why. It’s easier to write contemporary stories. You know the world instinctively so there is less research to do – little things like how much it costs for a bus fare or what would be considered a normal way to greet someone just trip onto the page. With historical fiction you have to check all the time. I always had a developed sense of narrative drive. I wanted the books to keep readers up at night, turning the pages so I always chose characters who were unreliable narrators and who made difficult choices. Political themes resonated with me at the time, though politics has changed since these books were written in the late 1990s and early 2000s and situations have changed in Ireland or with the travelling community. The characters I created would be different today. Recently I have been thinking about returning to contemporary writing – for now I’m very booked up but that doesn’t stop me daydreaming stories set in the present day, so keep an eye out, I might be returning to the genre.

Scottish Writer - Sara Sheridan