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Sara doesn’t have her own blog – she cuckoos on other people’s sites – from the Huffington Post to the BBC Magazine to sites run by writing friends. The closest she has to a blog is her daily post on FB. Click like  and you’ll get updates on your stream.

Here’s a note of her blog posts, appearances and interviews with links where possible:


– Sara wrote about the influence of Agatha Christie on Janet Emson’s book blog 
– Sara wrote about the victims of Scotland’s witchhunts in the Sunday National
– Sara was interviewed by Inspired Edinburgh about growing up in the city, publishing work in different genres and having a creative philosphy
– Sara was interviewed on the Destination Mystery podcast about writing, creativity and her connection to history
– Sara’s passion for Georgian London on Harmony William’s blog. March
– For Mother’s Day Sara joined the team at Standard Issue podcast to talk about working with her daughter, Molly.
– Sara talked to Love Books Group blog in advance of appearing at Noir in the Bar in Newcastle.
– On the centenary of women getting the vote, about the bitches who started it all –  the suffragettes


– Sara wrote in blog, Bella Caledonia, about memorialising women, perfume and politics.
– Sara spoke to the Daily Record about her short story in the Bloody Scotland anthology.
– Sara’s short story Sanctuary’ was published in the I newspaper in the run up to the Bloody Scotland festival.

– Sara spoke about family history and intergenerational trauma on the Grantidote podcast.
– Sara was interviewed on Historia, the Historical Writers Association online magazine, about Russian Roulette, the 6th Mirabelle Bevan Mystery

– Sara wrote about Maria Graham and On Starlit Seas being shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Adventure Award in the Daily Record.

– Sara’s book, On Starlit Seas, was shortlisted for the Wilbur Smith Award 2017.

– Sara wrote about standing up to beauty industry norms in the FWord.

– Sara wrote about memorialising women for International Women’s Day in the Huffington Post.
Sara appeared on STV news talking about REEK.perfume and her love of Jacobite history.

– Sara wrote a Valentine’s Day love letter from Scotland to the EU in the National newspaper


– Sara on the history of toplessness for Whores Of Yore blog
– Sara on feminism and perfume in Psychologies magazine

– Sara’s Desert Island Books in Historia magazine

– cooking in Italy for the Scotsman newspaper

– Interview on reclaiming Scottish cultural identity and perfecting cosy crime noir in the Herald.
– Searching for cultural identity in Scotland – Sara’s new company, Urban Reivers.

– On finding her political voice.

Announcement about backlist buyout of the Mirabelle Bevan Mysteries and the series being optioned by STV productions. The news resulted in interviews in the Times, The Scotsman, BBC Radio and other media outlets.
– Don’t let this word ruin your 2016: from the Huffington Post
– On writing the Mirabelle Bevan Mysteries featured on Tripfiction


December 2015: Poetry exhibited at the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh and online as part of 26 Children’s Winters including an appearance on STV local, talking about the project.
November 2015: Appearance as a political commentor on BBC1’s the Sunday Politics Show
October 2015: On being an artists’ model interviewed in the Guardian
July 2015A personal generosity project in the Huffington Post
May 2015: Appearance on Radio 5 Live to about the influential crime-novelist Ruth Rendell.
April 2015: Interviewed about writing on Radio Scotland‘s lunchtime show.
– Five things you don’t know about getting published in the Huffington Post.
Political change in the Guardian
– A Writers’ Lament in the Huffington Post
March 2015: In The Historical Writers’ Magazine, Historia: What I learned about history from spitting in a tube…
-To celebrate International Women’s Day: the public voice of women in Scotland for the BBC news magazine
February 2015: Literary snobbery and the gender divide in writing on Books By Women


December 2014: Sara’s New Year’s Resolutions on Scottish political blog Burdzeyeview.
– On Type M for Murder about the Mirabelle Bevan Mysteries.
November 2014: The Taboo of Toplessness on BBC News Magazine.
October 2014: On Bookshops for Books are my Bag Week.
September 2014: On Satire inspired by the Independence Referendum in Huffpost.
Appeared on Sky TV’s Murnahan, on CNN and UTV as a political commentator. Post Referendum appearance on BBC Radio Five Live.
August 2014:
Several appearances on BBC Radio Five Live as a cultural commentator.
Interviewed on Referendum TV during Edinburgh Festival Fringe.
Our identity is a compass not a crutch for Bella Caledonia.
– 10 Questions for An Historical Novelist in the Pittsburg Observer.
– On why the Edinburgh Festival is like life in the Huffpost.
– On being a lady in Retrospect magazine.
July 2014:  Appearance on Dutch political show, Buitenhof about national identity.
Appearance on BBC TV’s Scotland 2014 as a political commentator.
Sara’s obsession with vintage on What Katie Did.
– Writers and their imaginary friends on Foyles bookshop blog
Political bias at the BBC on the Huffington Post.
June 2014: A profile piece in the Sunday Herald about Sara’s home office.
April 2014: Sexism experienced by women writers.
– On her love of vintage for the National Museum of Scotland.
– On the National Collective site about the Scottish referendum.
– On the Huffington Post about children’s reading.
– On Foyles bookshop blog about tackling taboos.
– Writing about a sense of place in fiction for reading site Tripfiction.
– Writing about Heidi – a favourite childhood story for the Story Museum.
– Writing about writing in cafes for the creative cafe project.
February 2014: Appearance on BBC Radio Scotland’s The Culture Show to discuss non-fiction and the referendum on Scottish Independence.
– Pay the writer on the Huffington Post.
– About bookshelves on Explain your Shelf.
– First drafts on Rebecca Bradley’s crime blog.
January 2014: On being undecided about Scotland’s Independence Referendum: a novelist’s view.


December 2013: Invited to speak about the “26 Stories of Christmas” project on BBC Scotland’s The Culture Show.
– 1950s inspired Christmas gifts on the Huffington Post.
– Gifts 1950s style on the Huffington Post.
September 2013: Bloody Scotland on Huffington Post.
Appearance on BBC Radio Sussex during the Goodwood Revival.
August 2013: How Scotland nurtures its writing talent in the Huffington Post.
– Escape the Edinburgh Festival on the Huffington Post.
– What do writers do? on the Huffington Post.
June 2013: What writers earn on the Huffington Post.
Appearance on BBC Radio Scotland’s Culture Show as a cultural commentator.
July 2013: On Mirabelle Bevan and w what compelled me to write about the 1950s in specialist (& brilliant) Shots magazine.
– The history of being a lady on the Huffington Post.
– UK’s quirkiest book festivals on the Huffington Post.
May 2013: Who Do You Think You Are? on the Huffington Post.
April 2013: Appearance as an expert on the history of the “lady” during Radio 4’s Women’s hour.
– Visiting 1950s London on Foyles Blog
– Writing about the History of Being a Lady for the Huffington Post.
February 2013: Mirabelle, the War and I on Shots E-zine.


September 2012: Interviewed on Crime Fiction Lover by Eva Dolan
August 2012: Exploring literary Brighton on the VisitBrighton blog.
July 2012: In the Daily Record: The risks I took becoming a writer.
– An interview with the Sunday Times on growing up in a scary – but inspirational – Victorian mansion.
– The Mystery of Writing a Mystery on Mme Guillotine’s excellent blog.
– On history blog, History in an Hour on writing historical fiction.
– For bookseller Foyles’ about historical research for writers.
May 2012: An interview with The Scotsman on Mirabelle, the 1950s, and more.
April 2012: for the Scottish Book Trust two blogs on the subject of writers and readers and how they can change the world!
Blog 1  Blog 2.


December 2011: From Our Own Correspondent – Waiting for Freedom. Sara reflects on the issues surrounding the release from prison of a group of people accused of being disrespectful to the ruling family of the UAE.
November 2011: An interview in Solander: How a novelist presents the past.
September 2011: On Do Authors Dream About Electric Books on the subject of digital media.
August 2011: On the Tales of One City blog, about my favourite subjects – writing and reading.
May 2011: In the Guardian about little-known Victorian photographer, Thomas Begbie.
– In the Guardian about the City of Edinburgh’s Art Collection and the upcoming Hatwalk fashion show.
April 2011:  Reporting for BBC Radio 4’s From Our Own Correspondent from Tallin.
In the Guardian about enjoying books rather than judging them: divisions in the writing community.
– In the Guardian about why social media is important for professional writers.
– In the Guardian about new picture book ‘I’m Me’ and on being an auntie.
March 2011: In the Guardian about the history of gay rights in the Middle East.
– In the Guardian: about the slave trade both historically and today.
February 2011: About authors online.
January 2011: About history and why it is so important.

– About gay rights in the Middle East – then and now.


November 2010: On London Review of Books about Google Editions and the explosion in sales of digital books.
October 2010: Materialism and what a ‘Treasure’ means today –  26Treasures.
September 2010: On my involvement with writers’ organisation, 26, my dislike of literary snobbery and why history is important to me – Normblog.
– On my convoluted relationship to history that lead me to take part in the 26Treasures project during London Design Week at the V&A.
June 2010:  Sara’s favourite book on Normblog.